Anyone interested in healthy eating already knows that fizzy and sweetened beverages, so-called natural juices and all sweetened and colored water, are not useful and should be avoided. Therefore, in recent years, interest in a far more natural alternative – freshly squeezed juices or the so-called ” fresh juices.

Most people associate the word “fresh” or freshly squeezed juice with orange juice, apple or, at best, carrot. The common between these juices and all other fruit juices (peach, melon, melon, pineapple, kiwi, mango, pear, etc.) is that they contain concentrated fruit sugar, which due to the lack of fiber (removed with the pulp when squeezed) , is rapidly absorbed into the blood and elevates the insulin.

Juice is not water but food! That is why you should drink slowly and in small sips, not to dry in one breath. It is good to “chew” or otherwise stay longer in the mouth to mix with the salivary enzymes that help to break down and absorb it.

Last but not least, for maximum absorption of the nutrients in a fresh juice, it should be taken as a self-feeding, fasting at least half an hour before or two hours after another meal.

The inclusion of a portion or two juice in your daily menu should be counted as adding a new food rather than as an additional glass of water.